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Share Access to Site Spaces

Question asked by newmember on Oct 16, 2008
Interesting that "share" creates new users for sites that are created in the "share" interface.

Name                  Username                        Roles 
site_testshort_SiteManager      GROUP_site_testshort_SiteManager                Site Manager   
site_testshort_SiteContributor      GROUP_site_testshort_SiteContributor      Site Contributor   
site_testshort_SiteConsumer      GROUP_site_testshort_SiteConsumer                  Site Consumer   
site_testshort_SiteCollaborator      GROUP_site_testshort_SiteCollaborator      Site Collaborator   
EVERYONE                  GROUP_EVERYONE                  Site Consumer, Read   

Its also interesting that the "share" interface doesn't access sites that are created in the "alfresco" interface and are for everyone.

Name                    Username                       Roles
EVERYONE                  GROUP_EVERYONE                  Contributor, Consumer

I just thought I would mention it.
If someone needs to access sites, then look to permissions to get the access.