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Urgent - where in database schema is 'IN PROGRESS'

Question asked by ftoth on Oct 17, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2010 by ftoth
Hi again,

I have just had a 4th deployment wedge the system in "IN PROGRESS".
See this for the earlier part of the story:

The only way out of this has been to rebuild from backups, but this too has
its problems, as I am getting subtle inconsistencies from my backups.

I'm hoping someone from Alfresco can give me a hint of how to patch the database
on these deployments. One of the oddities is that the deployments succeed perfectly.
The problem is that Alfresco doesn't correctly update the status from "IN PROGRESS"
to "LIVE" or whatever.

Since my Alfresco instances are rapidly becoming useless, I'm hoping I can
patch the broken deployment and move on, instead of having to roll back
each time this happens.

Again, for emphasis: These are production instances with hundreds of successful
deployments. Now, in the last few days, this problem has shown up on two
different unrelated systems!

Any help appreciated.