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Integration with Jboss Portal

Question asked by smithy1 on Oct 17, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2008 by smithy1
Hi, I'm having trouble understanding how to integrate Alfresco with Jboss Portal. Specifically, I'd like to:

1. Provide the 'standard' portlets for users to interact with Alfresco and maintain documentation. MySpaces, Share, etc.
2. Publish Alfresco content as portal web content. Essentially replace the bundled Jboss Portal CMS functionality with Alfresco. Perhaps this is just replacing the Jboss Portal CMS jackrabbit with Alfresco's repository, or maybe it's a different approach?
3. Use a portlet to publish web script-based functionality, such as a search interface for specific document types, etc.

I've been hunting around and haven't been able to locate documentation on how to do these things, however I see references that they can be done. Any pointers appreciated.