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Office 2003 / Alfresco 3.0B Integration Problems

Question asked by chicks on Oct 17, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2008 by pare_g7
We are currently evaluating Alfresco 3.0B's new Office integration features, particularly the "Shared Workspace" capabilities.

The documentation on this is especially slim, just two pages at the bottom of a PDF.  Things don't work as shown.

I have installed the Windows version of 3.0B, with a local MySQL database.  Created a site in Alfresco Share, uploaded several Word documents.  In Word 2003, opened http://localhost:8080/alfresco/  Was prompted for my login.  The docs say the Shared Workspace panel will open at this point, and I will be able to navigate from within it.  Doesn't happen.  I get a list of directories in the Word "Open" dialog.  Navigate in it to "Sites/[sitename]/documentLibrary, and open one of the uploaded Word docs there. 

The "Shared Workspace" panel immediately shows "Getting updates failed" in red.  Clicking on "Get Updates" gives the same message.  Click on the "links" tab, and get "No data is currently available for this workspace".  In the Alfresco Web interface, I set the document Versionable attribute on, and ensure AutoVersioning is set.  Reopen in Word, no change.  Note that I'm logged in as "admin" throughout this process.

I can create a new Shared Workspace at the "Company Home" level (note that "Company Home", oddly, doesn't show up in the URL), and all works fine from the "Shared Workspace" panel, including checkout, checkin, and versioning.  However, creating spaces at this level is useless for Share - I need to be able work on shared documents in the Sites/[sitename]/documentLibrary spaces, which is obvious, but simply won't work.

Will Alfresco be providing better documentation at any point, or is the rather unhelpful wiki all there is?  Will there be a new release of 3.x anytime soon that fixes this silly problem?