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Sharepoint and Word 2003

Question asked by sclayton on Oct 20, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2008 by rxm307
I have installed Alfresco Labs 3 (Alfresco and share) and i can connect to them both via a browser and can create spaces and documents with no problems.  I am now trying to access alfresco using Word 2003 and sharepoint protocol but whenever i try to Open alfresco from File->Open all i get it a copy of the Alfresco home page instead of the "Shared Workspace" login box.  The url i am trying to open is http://myalfrescoserver:8080/alfresco.

If i try to create a new workspace by using Word Tools->Shared Workspace i get the following error:

"The action could not be completed. For more information, contact your site administrator, or try again later"

I have checked on my alfresco server and vti-module.amp resides in /opt/Alfresco/amps - what could be wrong?