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Java Web App (Tomcat) accessing / serving content

Question asked by on Jul 19, 2007

I would like to use a Java Web App (Tomcat) to serve HTML content (which I have created using Alfresco and is available in the content repository).

WCM: is unsuitable for me, due to certain limitations.

JCR: I am not sure about JCR because it will give me HTML as a Java Object (Stream) - I would rather have my web server know the location / url of the html file.

CIFS: gives me a file system. So I can explore further:

Can you point me to CIFS links / information. I will need the following:
1. Setup the CIFS server
2. sync CIFS repository with Alfresco content repo
3. Tomcat should be able to access the CIFS files and serve the htmls

REST: Never used REST but any ideas would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.