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Multiple per-user properties for a single document?

Question asked by lyamamot on Oct 21, 2008
I'm trying to come up with a model for representing a set of documents for which different users might have different property values. For example, if I have a folder with several documents in it, to one user, they represent their primary work so I would want a property named "Priority" with a value of "High," for example. To a different user, the same documents may just be for future reference, so the same "Priority" property would have a value of "Low." I can think of a few ways to implement this:

1) Each user has their own copy of the same document. This bluntly solves the problem of having different values for the same property but then you require more storage for your content, the content itself is duplicated so versioning becomes complicated, and it doesn't seem like a clean solution.
2) Documents get stored in some common area. Each user has "stub" files that contain the location of their associated real files, like a symbolic link. Any required properties get stored on the stub document itself. This approach seems workable, but I worry about being able to effectively do full-text search of the associated documents (i.e. show me all of my documents that contain a particular string). Another advantage is that the stub file could contain an external URL instead of a document in the repository.
3) Similar to the previous solution, documents get stored in some common area. The users have stub objects that link to the documents using child associations. This is similar to the previous solution with the added issue that referencing an external URL would require a different "stub" type or some mutually-exclusive properties on the stubs. Also, I am not sure that the bidirectional link is working in Alfresco 3.0.

Has anyone implemented anything similar or have a better idea of how to go about it?