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Lost Newbie Needs Help!

Question asked by ninerfan on Jul 19, 2007
I'm a newbie to Alfresco but not to CMS. I've implemented TeamSite many times. Two weeks ago I downloaded and installed the following:

So far I've read the following documents:

Alfresco Installation Guide
Alfresco Getting Started Guide
Alfresco Tutorial
Afresco WCM Webinar PDF (Kevin Cochrane)
Half way through Munwar Shariff's Alfresco book.

I find next to nothing on WCM which is really all we are interested in right now. I get the whole "Spaces" concept. It's great and cool. But I need to set up an end to end POC in the next few weeks to help my company decide if Alfresco WCM is viable for us or if it's still to young.

I'd like to do the following:

1. Set up a hierarchy of folders (can't figure out where to do this, in company home? web projects? other? use spaces or sandboxes?? When to use each??)

2. Build some web forms and presentation templates

3. Set up simple approval workflow.

4. Set up a simple deployment.

POC should work like this:

1. Business user logs into Alfresco.
2. Navigates through the www site content (again don't know where to set this up)
3. Edits/Creates content using structured template.
4. Saves and Previews their content using presentation template.
5. Submits through simple approval workflow.
6. When approved content (xml? output html??) is deployed to (where??)

You get the picture. I keep reading and hearing conflicting information about how WCM is supposed to work. Still not sure if we will need Alfresco WCM running on our website front end servicing requests or if it is to STRICTLY in the back end like TeamSite or some combination of both.

Can someone point me to PDF documentation on WCM? My main hang up right now is that I just don't know what the Alfresco WCM model is. Are the business users expected work under Company Home/User Homes/username or under Company Home/Web Projects? or a combination of both?

I still get the feeling that Alfresco has the right idea for WCM but I'm having a very hard time proving it. I suspect if I could talk to Kevin for 20 minutes I'd have all I need.