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Alfresco+Liferay Meetup Trip Report

Question asked by rdanner on Jul 21, 2007
I Have put together my first installment of reports on the Alfresco+Liferay Meetup that took place last week on July the 18th.

You can find it here at:

We will be posting presentations and podcasts very soon! If you attended, please write about your experience – others want to hear all about it!!!  If you did not attend, make some good stuff up and … no .. I am just kidding :) 

We had a really good turn out and an extremely excellent event.  There where people from all over the country there to find out about the new Liferay, the new Alfresco releases and what they can do together.  From Alfrresco we had 5 employees including Luis Sala and David Caruana.  From Liferay we had a huge gang including  Brian Chan, Mike Young, and the rest of the LA based team (We held the event at Liferay's HQ).  We had terrific presentations from service integrators and vendors like Rivet Logic, Ice Faces, Enomoly, and Cignex and product demos and case studies from Alfresco, Liferay and customers.

We had a fantastic time and we want to do this more often! Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Again here is my first blog on the meetup:

I encourage you to write something up if you went.  Post the URL here.  If you don't mind also forward the URL to luis{dot}sala{at}alfresco{dot}com.