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Maven2 Build for Alfresco

Question asked by rdanner on Jul 21, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2012 by mindthegab
Hello everyone… we (the royal 'we' as in the Alfresco Community) need your input on a very important subject. BUILD.

Alfresco has been using a custom build harness for the last two years and in that time there seems to be a growing support for the use of Maven2.  I'd like to open the floor here for your input on Alfresco moving to a MAven2 based build.  

Please at least cast a ballot – as I mentioned, this is very important and it makes sense that if you have support or concerns which have not been voiced or require re-enforcement that you speak up.

For the sake of discussion I think there are several things we need to talk about.

First and foremost are the pros and cons of moving to maven. 
Second would be concerning the logistics of the move if it were to happen. 

Just to be clear there is no official movement from Alfresco to change the build process – this is just an exploratory question. There seems to be a lot of interest and several people are willing to help make the transition if it makes sense but there is no official plan from alfresco to switch. We won't know the facts unless you vote and unless you speak up. 

[size=200]Please make your thoughts known![/size]