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Number of pages in the INDEX:

Question asked by sherrymax on Oct 22, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2008 by sherrymax

I have a question regarding the number of pages that will be generated while browsing into a directory with huge number of files. I hav a directory(Space) with 1500 files. And the number of items per page is set as 10. But still I cannot see the entire 150 pages in the page index shown at the bottom of the page.
I can see some 134 pages, but the same directory displays 95 pages in another PC. I've a few questions in this scenario.

1. Are we doing any caching kindof stuff while fetching the records. If so, where can I find the cache related info? Any property file or JAVA file?
2. Which project (Web-client/repository/remote-info…) is handling the section of fetching the records?
3. I am looking forward improving the performance in fetching this huge bulk of data, by reducing the time delay . Any idea how to proceed, or which area     or  java/property files to modify?

Please suggest.