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Tutorials for WS(CMIS)-Usage from EJBs

Question asked by mcdroemmel on Oct 23, 2008
Hello Community,

i'm migrating an application from coldfusion-appserver to java-appserver (SAP NW CE 7.1, JE5). in the old application we had developed some own services to manage documents for that application. when migrating that application we think it would be better to use a special solution like alfresco for managing that content.
first we a now working on a pilot-system for that migration to check for chances and difficulties or risks of that migration.
for that i want to test alfresco for managing the documents needed by that application.
what i now need, and what i'm a little bit missing in the documentations i found, is something like an tutorial how to use the alfresco-webservices from java beans on another (our sap nw ce 7.1) app-server. in the matter of a step by step example who to manage content via the web-services.
such steps like
* connecting
* query and read documents
* insert , update, delete documents
* insert, update, delete forlders

that would be very helpfull. Does anybody know where to find such tutorials or has other usefull hints for achieving this ?
Maybee already based on CMIS in Alfresco 3?