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Synchronization of Alfresco Servers

Question asked by nyronian on Jul 23, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2007 by derek
I have a server that individuals will be entering data.  This data will include references to content within the repository stored in XML files.  Currently I am storying them as "direct" download URL's referencing the node directly, thus making the lookup of the file faster than xpath or something like it.  Now I need to "publish" or synchronize this newly entered content to a "production" server.  How is this done?  If I do it through a simple copy in CIFS will it keep the NodeRef's the same?  I assumed it would not.  Also I have meta-data stored with many of the spaces, this will all need to be synchronized.

Of course, at the end of the day I want it fully automated.  This may be the full system, a space structure or a single file. 

I would like to understand what is available here?  I do see your Export and Import functionality….can this be automated?  Well…I assume since it is there I can write code to automate it but what issues will I be faced with?

Any help would be appreciated.  If it is already documented, just point me in the right direction.