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Data Flow Diagram/Description for Alfresco

Question asked by graz34 on Jul 23, 2007

I am a new Alfresco administrator trying to wrap my mind around the basic functionality and flow of data in the Alfresco application.  I am trying to customize the interface a little bit, but I can't even trace the code to determine where the logos and legal disclaimers at the bottom of every page are located in the code.  So, is there any documentation that describes how the app works in a manner such as…

1.)  Login credentials via HTTP call from browser to server
2.)  App calls MySQL db of possible usernames
3.)  Returns home page with content from source A (page.jsp) source B (page2.jsp), source C (page3.jsp)

Maybe even a high level (or low level for that matter) DFD in visio or something?

People learn in different ways.  This happens to be the way I comprehend code and applications in general.  Thanks in advance.