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alfresco hardware reccomendations

Question asked by netsyphon on Jul 23, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2007 by mikeh
i am currently evaluating alfresco for use in our business environment.  I've got a repository setup on a powermac g5 (with linux-ppc and ibm-jdk) using mysql5 at home.

I decided to put my itunes library in alfresco, a mere 50gb and about 21000 files.  It took 9 hours to rsync my webdav mounted alfresco to a created space called 'Music'.  Is that what to expect?  Where is the performance drain, on the database or tomcat (appserver) typically?

And even more slowness:
this space has a rule to move all those silly dot-files to a space called 'badfiles'. well, theres a lot of files there.. 100 pages worth.  and it takes about 2 minutes to get a page via webclient and causes disconnects via mounted webdav when doing 'ls'.

Im currently using the latest community edition.

PS - SUPER SLOW bulk upload/download (mounted drives in OSX with CIFS/WebDav) even on ~500 VERY small files.. 3.8mb worth of my 'Warcraft WTF' folder took 7 minutes. to put the same files on the system  over NFS or Samba takes <1 second.

Any insight would be appreciated :)