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Multilingual Content

Question asked by xerox on Jul 24, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2007 by xerox
I think I found some bugs in the multilingual feature.
I'm using alfresco 2.1 RC1

1When I made content multilingual , alfresco asks me to add translation with or without content.
I click on without content.

I fill in the new title en click ok en the alfresco brings me back to the previous window, only when I clik on cancel , the window go back to the document.
is this normal?

2. So I made a translation without content. I edit my original file. I look at the translation file. This file is also edited. This is good!!! But when I edit the original file again,the translation file isn't edited anymore, so not the same content anymore… I tried this several times and It only works the first edit. From the second edit it won't syncronize anymore.