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Problem with links and anchor

Question asked by ikkyusan on Oct 24, 2008
Hi All,

I am quite new to Alfresco, sorry in advance if I posted to the wrong section.
The problem I had are these:

i) The staff here need to add href with "target" attribute using the usual link popup.
On my dev box it's running fine, with textarea 'full' I can select new window and update. On the production box, which I didn't set up, they cannot do that. The choice seems to be in the form , if they reclick the link they can see the proper attribute. But once the form is saved that attributes are removed.

ii) Anchor: I am quite sure I saw (in my dev box) in the pop up regarding 'link' a select list displaying all the anchors already set up for that page. Now I cannot find anymore. On the production box there never been such option instead. And they need to add anchors.

Could anyone point out which file or configuration should I look at ?