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FreeMarker template on a customized space

Question asked by nico73 on Jul 25, 2007

My current Alfresco project is a little knowledge database storing application support procedures. These procedures are made with HTML elements (resume, procedure explenation, links…) and pictures(diagrams, charts, application screen saves…).

I choose to implement my procedure Alfresco type as an extension of the cm:folder standard type. The HTML elements and the pictures  of the procedure will be stored into the procedure space. The procedure visual presentation will be managed by a FreeMarker template as the Thumbnails template on the wiki.

What do you think about this customisation ? Is it  the right way to do this ? Maybe I should better use associations….

I'm also thinking about the way to create a new procedure in Alfresco web client by using TinyMCE. The user will need to fill the HTML elements of the  procedure and import pictures.

The import of pictures into the HTML elements seems complicated. I don't really know how to implement this. Maybe I should develop a wizard in two steps : the first one, the user imports his pictures, the second one, he fills the HTML elements and add the pictures into it. What's the best way to add into the HTML parts the references to the pictures ? Can I do this with FreeMarker markups ?

Thanks in advance for your answers…