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Login: Still old meachnism; no LDAP, although configured

Question asked by sessa on Jul 25, 2007
Hi !

I have Alfresco running in JBoss AS 4.21.
So far, all is well.

I want to replace the standard login with JAAS / SSO.

I already read in the wiki how to configure everything.

it seems that JBoss/ Alfresco don't know about JAAS/LDAP. Still the old login is active.
Console in Eclipse ( is start JBoss in Eclipse) doesn't print anything about which login is used.

what i did so far:
- and java.login.config in the JDK folder
- jaas-authentication-context.xml
- krb5.ini
- ldap-authentication-context.xml
- chainig-authentication-context.xml

I got the newest Alfresco-Version from SVN-Head and deployed it to JBoss with the "build-jboss" target in build.xml

So. What did i do wrong or did i forget something ?

thank u