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Space Template readme.ftl not working in 2.2 Enterprise

Question asked by invantix on Oct 28, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2008 by norgan
I am using 2.2 Enterprise.

I tried the readme.ftl as a space template.  I placed a file readme.html in the space.  When I browse to the space I get an error.

Error during processing of the template 'Expression htmlFilename is undefined on line 1, column 363 in workspace ://SpacesStore/f344f52f-0d6a-11dd-bdf6-27fd4d2bd377.'. Please contact your system administrator.

Here is the script that is in Data Dictionary/Presentation Templates:

<#– Displays the contents of readme.html and/or the evaluated readme.ftl if they exist in the current space. –>

<#assign htmlFilename = "readme.html"/>
<#assign ftlFilename = "readme.ftl"/>

<#if space?exists>
<#if space.childByNamePath["${htmlFilename}"]?exists>
<#if space.childByNamePath["${ftlFilename}"]?exists>
<#include space.childByNamePath["${ftlFilename}"].nodeRef>