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URL Redirecting

Question asked by finner on Jul 25, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2007 by finner
I have managed to hook up Alfresco to a Wiki so that when you edit the Wiki it updates the Alfresco repo via the Alfresco PHP library. The thread is here (it's mainly a monologue):

It works really well!!!.
However it's not exactly the requirement the of the company. They want the wiki to be searchable (indexed) from Alfresco (that part is done) and then be able to open the Wiki page from the results.

So, I was thinking is it possible to redirect the browser to , say, http://localhost/wiki/index.php/<title_of_wiki_page> when I click on the wiki content?

I am also looking at adding the Wiki to the OpenSearch component but I can't get the search API / URL to work. According to MediaWiki API I am trying:

<engine label="My Wiki" proxy="mywiki">
     <url type="application/json">

Any help is much appreciated