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How to have properties contribute to the node's TEXT index?

Question asked by hbf on Oct 28, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2009 by andy
Dear list,

How can I achieve that a property's value is indexed in such a way that a Lucene TEXT query finds it?

More precisely: I have a custom model, for instance like this:

  <type name="my:node">
   <title>My node</title>
    <property name="my:prop">

I understand that I can use a Lucene search @my\:prop:"blabla" to find all nodes whose property "my:prop" contains blabla.
How can I make Alfresco index the content of property "my:prop" so that a Lucene search TEXT:"blabla" also finds these nodes?
That is, I want the value of "my:prop" to be contributed to the TEXT index.

Many thanks,