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Implementing Alfresco in UK Primary Care

Question asked by avezard on Oct 29, 2008
I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who works in a GP surgery in UK and has used Alfresco.

I'd also be very grateful for opinions advice on my/our general situation.

We use a server for our clinical system and a separate server for our non clinical information and data. The non clinical data is in a complete mess with files all over the place and needing at least four /five mouse clicks to find anything. There is no logic behind the storage/retrieval process. We use Outlook 2003 to communicate by e mail.

Nobody can find anything quickly and nobody can share documents easily and nobody can keep track of changes to documents. So I looked and looked and looked: most intranet solutions aimed at our market are externally hosted - don't want that. Cannot use Sharepoint until we get a new server. Thought about learning Front page and designing my own simple intra net (which I still might do) but in researching this came across references to Alfresco and have been looking at the trial version.

I want to be able to put key policies, procedures, protocols in a place where everybody can easily access them. I want to synchronise calendars, work rotas, room assignements. I want to post business projections and plans and also clinical audits so they can be discussed. In short I want to get people working and talking together a ot more.

I'm not a Geek in any way shape or form. I'm not even confident enough to add new users to our Microsoft network so my skills may be falling short. I can't write code, have dabbled with simple HTML code editors, know how to re boot a server, install/uninstall programmes and can generally bodge my way through most things that I come across or know when to call for help.

Would be interested in people's opinions a) am I barking up the right tree-I appreciate Alfresco has a lot of features and may be too much for what I want b) my skills may be sadly lacking :) but I'm willing to take the time and learn

Being the NHS my funds are strictly limited so need to manage this on around £300 which would include any training I need to do etc etc