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Can the association order be defined?

Question asked by alr on Oct 29, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2008 by alr

I am currently doing a project using a lot of associations. The order of these associations is very important to me, because I am using things like "element.assocs['ns:elementAssoc'][0]" in my freemarker templates. Now, if I want to keep my template in shape, but instead just switching my first association of "element", can I do this with the Java API? It seems that nodeService.createAssociation() simply appends to the currently existing associations.

However, simply debugging into the createAssociation method didn't really prove successful yet, as some library either changes the bytecode (spring aop maybe) or the source code supplied with the SDK of Alfresco Labs 3b is not the correct one.

So any hints and tips, how I could force a certain order of Associations - or how I could just exchange two associations - are gratefully accepted.

Thanks and have a nice day.