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Preview doesn't acces the content in sandboxes

Question asked by steffenk on Oct 29, 2008

we are developing a webapplication based on Alfresco Surf. The content for this webapp should be created and managed by alfresco WCM (Alfresco Labs 3.0, latest community trunk). We've created a lot of Webforms, which are doing fine.
Now the strange part happens, after we had initially submitted the webapp from the users (admin) sandbox to the staging sandbox: Whenever we want to preview newly created content in the users sandbox (that is not yet submitted), this content is not accessable in the previewserver. The URL seems to be correct, that is http://admin.webappname.www--sandbox.127-0-0-1… But we are only able to see/access content, that has been submitted to staging box.

We even editted an FTL in the mapped drive V: both in the admin- and stagingrepository. Again we use the previewurl http://admin.webappname.www--sandbox… and see the change, taken in the FTL in staging repository.

We walked through the WCM Evaluation Guide PDF again, but here, everythings works as expected.

Can anyone help please??