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show association in reference target

Question asked by tdombos on Oct 29, 2008
I'm putting together a small extension to Alfresco to implement the following scenario: a team of people is working on a document with auto-versioning turned on. After the document reaches a certain status, they release the document for a larger audience without the old versions being accessible to this larger group.

I planned on achieving this in the following way: once the document reaches release status a user can 'submit' it with a custom action: a new copy of the document is made, this copy has the replaceable aspect added and the value of it set to reference the old file. After adding the necessary 'show-association' in web-client-config-properties, the link nicely shows up on the property sheet of the released document. However, the link does not show up anywhere on the old versioned copy. Is there any way to make the association symmetric (that is it shows up both on the property sheet of the referencing item as well as on the property sheet of the referenced item)? Or do I have to add another (reverse) association for the referenced item? This seems like a double work, but I'm not sure if it can be done in some simpler way.