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creating documents via forms

Question asked by umair.qureshi on Jul 26, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2007 by umair.qureshi
We have been working with Alfresco for over 4 months now and we are very excited about it so far. The next step that we would like to accomplish is to allow our users to submit fillable forms that would generate a file automatically in Alfreso (in a designated space of course). This is similar to a form being submitted via email, but we want to get rid of the manual process here and directly have that file go a specific space.

We are using the Alfresco book by Munwar Shariff and it has been very helpful so far. There are many scripts that we have tried from the book and they seem to do a decent job in our customization of Alfresco.

This should be possible by writing a script, I think… Any ideas/suggests??