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emailing content to alfresco

Question asked by wayne on Jul 26, 2007
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to work out how feasible it would be to set up alfresco so that new content could be e-mailed to it.

On the alfresco wiki I've found a single page that talks about configuring alfresco to receive e-mails (link), but it seems pretty sketchy ie. no mention of how to tell if anything's working or not.  I've also failed to find mention of this method anywhere else, which makes me kind of suspicious.

Would anyone know if this method actually works, and if possible provide some instructions beyond the xml files that need creating?

Alternatively I have seen the e-mail-listener extension, but that looks to require more effort due to the need for an external mail server, and only seems to support alfresco 2.0 at present (is there any great need to use 2.1rc over 2.0?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.