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Erratic User Account Behaviour

Question asked by petermay on Jul 26, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2008 by eesnault

I have configured Alfresco to authenticate users against an external Active Directory, using NTLM Passthru authentication. As expected, when a user logs in to Alfresco for the first time, an Alfresco user account is automatically created for them.

For the most part this is working fine, but in a few instances the Alfresco user accounts have exhibited the following strange behaviour:

1) The user accounts cannot be deleted from Alfresco using the Delete User Account functionality in the Alfresco Administration console.

2) The user accounts do not sort properly when an alphabetical sort of user accounts is requested in the Admin console. (The other user accounts sort correctly, with the problem accounts appearing after these.)

3) The user accounts cannot have administrator privileges granted to them. (Administrator privileges have been granted successfully to most user accounts by adding the username as a value of the “adminUsersâ€