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Serving Alfresco documents via WCM

Question asked by fschnell on Jul 26, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2007 by kvc

we would like to build an Intranet site using Alfresco WCM. Amongs other things this site shall serve documents which are stored in the Alfresco document management store. What we would need is that the WCM always serve the latest (published) version of a document. We would use the Intranet as a catalogue to reach some documents. The actual documents may be stored in a variety of spaces.

I am hearing contradicting statements whether that is possible or not.
As Alfresco claims to be an ECM I would assume that this scenario is possible. Is it?

I also heard, that the Alfresco CMS search would not be able to include the WCM store and vice versa for searches. Is that true?