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Upload a File as Taks property

Question asked by salaboy Employee on Oct 30, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2009 by edgardoambrosi
Here is my situation, I have an Advanced Workflow, that had a correct task model and the processdefinition from jBPM.
But now I have to upload a new resource, that is a kind of attachment for the actual document that start the Advance Workflow.
This upload need to be done in one particular task that is defined in the task model.
One thing I realize is that I have the bpm_package where I can add some resources (but this resources need to be in the alfresco repository, and do not satisfy my requeriments.)

Can anybody help me with this? i need to find how to define my task model to upload some resource and need some way to define in my Content type model this association with this new attachment resource..

Thanks in advance!!!