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a way to forbid acces to a space to a particular user?

Question asked by seraphon on Jul 27, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2007 by andy

I know that some would answer my question by saying that I just have to go to more action, manage space users and then untick inherited permission and add the users allowed in this space.

But thats not what I want.
What if, with a continuously evolving user database, you just want to forbid access to some specific people. It would be very unpractical to do the previous method I mentioned and then invite a user each time a new one enters in the user database. I think it would be much faster and less demanding if you had the feature to forbid access to specific users.
In a more technical it would be cool if in a space you have (by inheritance or directly implemented) invited the group EVERYONE with the role consumer and to add a role that would override the consumer role and forbid access to the user chosen.

I think it would be doable following what I did in this post
but I couldnt figure how to create new roles without touching files in the webapp folder so my question is, Is there a way to do such a thing without touching the untouchable webapp files?