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NTLM and CIFS configuration

Question asked by stastsarevsky on Jul 27, 2007
Latest reply on May 29, 2010 by ivan.plestina

i'm fully confused with configuring ntlm authentication and CIFS. Version of Alfresco is 2.1 Community Edition on Windows 2003 server/Tomcat. So far I tried 2 ways:

1) Configuring NTLM for webaccess. As described in "Configuring NTLM" in Wiki. Work perfectly fine. I was able access http://servername:8080/alfresco with domain user. IE automatically log me in. For cifs i've tried to follow "Configuring the CIFS server for Kerberos/Active Directory integration" but i can't access my server. I don't have any exceptions in tomcat log. I have successfull logon in security event viewer both on computer alfresco installed and on domain controller. But still when i'm trying to access servername_a it shows login dialog and said login failed.

2) Tried to configure jaas authentication for CIFS. At the end i'm getting same results as in previous example.

My question is what exactly need to be configured if i'm using NTLM authentication for web access and like to use AD users to access CIFS.