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MS-Word 2003 Add-In Login Problem

Question asked by marc1911 on Jul 27, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2007 by mikeh
I've succesfully installed the MS-Word 2003 plugin into my MS-Office 2003 (Dutch version). When after configuring it I try to start it, I'm getting a login dialog that seems to stuck in some kind of a code execution loop. I'm not able to enter any login name and password at that moment because the plugin behaves erratic and it seems that it wants to enter something by itself. Spooky!! Weird ha? This are the settings I used to configure the plugin:

Webclient URL:
CIFS server: \\\

Authentication: <blank
Password: <blank>

Ofcourse I tried it also with a valid password username combination.
I use the latest version of Alfresco Community Edition v2.1.0 on OpenSuse 10.2, use the Dutch version of MS Office 2003 and downloaded alle the MS plugins from Sourfeforge ( in the section "Office Integration".

Before I forget, I also use a proxyserver to get out on the internet and because the Alfresco logo is in the dialog I always need to enter my proxy account. Could there be something wrong with the plugin on this front or perhaps with the dutch version of Office?