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Delete a user group using alfresco SDK

Question asked by ajay7 on Oct 31, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2008 by ajay7
Hi all,

I am new to user management  in alfresco and i am working on alfresco SDK.

i have created a new user group in alfresco sdk using the following code

AuthorityService authorityService=serviceRegistry.getAuthorityService();
authorityService.createAuthority(AuthorityType.GROUP, null, "Ajay_Group_NEW");

my question is now i want to delete  user group  "Ajay_Group_NEW"  using SDK?

i have tried with 2 options 
1.authorityService.removeAuthority(null, "Ajay_Group_NEW");
2. authorityService.deleteAuthority("Ajay_Group_NEW");

both are not working

what is the option? pls help