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How to define Alfresco Spaces definition declaratively

Question asked by pjanuario on Oct 31, 2008

I'm starting a new ECM projecto with Alfresco, it's my first Alfresco project.
I was searching for some way to declaratively define custom spaces. I want a simple way to place the solution in the diferent enviorments.
I have seen this option:

Change config/alfresco/bootstrap-context.xml, override bean spacesBootstrap placing it in new file under alfresco/extension, the bean should replace spaces.xml to reference our custom spaces.xml (placed in alfresco/extension).
To test, start Alfresco on a clean database/alf_data directory and the bootstrap process will be initiated.

  1. It's really needed to clean repository and database?

  2. What is the circuntances that make invocation of spacesBootstrap? Every Alfresco restart? First start?

  3. And if i need to add a new space? do i need to clean database/alf_data?

  4. It's possible to invoke bootstrap declaratively?
I'm thinking on another way to build custom spaces.
I could implement one custom javascript with initialization of spaces and i could run it manually, this way i don't need to clean the enviorement and would be executed only with new deploys.

I would like to know if are some kind of rules or patterns to this common problem.