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Problem with Alfresco changing URLs in html hrefs

Question asked by stk137 on Jul 27, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2007 by stk137
How do I disable the url rewriting that happens when saving an HTML file that is edited in Alfresco?

When editing html in Alfresco it changes the links after saving the document to something invalid.

For example an html file with an href of
after saving it becomess

This link is invalid, even if viewing the html file in Alfresco. It turns into
which gets
… Node does not exist: n://browse/workspace ..

When viewed outside of Alfresco, it of course doesn't work.

Where is the URL rewriting occuring?  How can it be disabled?
And if I did want working relative URLs, where could I fix that?

These changes don't occur until the file is saved and it doesn't happen when editing the file outside of Alfresco.

I am using 2.1RC1.  I am not using WCM, just editing HTML files in the basic Alfresco.