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Improving ease of use?

Question asked by mjasay on Jul 28, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2008 by gravitonian
I wrote this post on my CNET blog, in response to an excellent article highlighting one Linux kernel developer's perspective on the disconnect between developers and "real" users:  It seems to be endemic to software (and hardware), generally.

Why do we, as an industry, write such lame software?  Why is it so hard to make things easy to use and nice to look at?

I think Alfresco has done a good job in both respects, but here are some things that I'd personally love to see done better:
    * Tight email integration.  A start would be the ability to automatically suck in attachments and what-not, but the end goal would be to allow me to use Alfresco without ever leaving my email program (Outlook, Apple Mail, or whatever).

    *  More Ajax.  The Alfresco guys will laugh at me for saying this, since I fought it originally.  But seeing the Ajax in 2.1 convinces me that I was a fool to fight it.  It looks brilliant.  Now we just need more.

    *  Presence.  I'd love to have integration with my IM.  Our US team is completely driven by email and IM.   It would be nice to have the system work on our terms.
Those are a few of my ideas.  I love the Alfresco system.  These would make it even better.  As ever, it's a matter of priorities and resources.  This is why I'd love to see someone kick off email integration, for example, as a community-led project.