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Associations on Versioned nodes

Question asked by jamen on Jul 30, 2007

I am currently scoping out some requirements around using an association to store a link between two document types in the repository.  The application is to link some manufacturer information for a product to the consumer information for the product.

My question relates to associations on versioned nodes.  In the following instance what would happen.

Document A (versioned) and Document B (versioned) are in version 1 with an association stored on A to B. 

Document B goes to version 2.

Can someone confirm that the association only will reference the latest version of a node (hence Document B).

Also is it possible to use associations to successfully link to earlier versions of documents.  The functionality I need to implement is a requirement in the example of Document A and Document B where both are versioned, we want access to all versions of these documents and associations between the nodes are on the versioned node (so that we can retrieve archived copies of supporting documents for the primary document).  I need clarification on whether these association links will retrieve a node that has been put into Alfresco's lightWeightVersionStore.