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What exactly are the effects of the .exe in CIFS

Question asked by seraphon on Jul 30, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by linuxguru

I always wondered what the checkinout.exe and _showdetails.exe do when triggered but when I manually launch them, nothing seems to happen.

After some research here and there I ve learned that these apllications only work in windows and that they are triggered when a file is opened. When you open a file and work on it through CIFS the checkinout.exe should normally check out the opened file making us in fact work on a copy and so lock the original preventing other users working on the file, than check in the document when the file is closed. Well thats what I ve read.

But after some tests I can say that it must be wrong because while letting a file opened through CIFS I could with no problem work on the said file with the web browser and another user account. So no checkin nor checkout. I did see while working on CIFS that a copy of the original file is created, keeping a copy of the file untouched but weirdly sometime after closing the file, this copy dissapear and sometime not.
So in the end I am quite confused.

Can someone please explain me what are the use of the .exe in CIFS and the weird behaviors of the copys?