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problem replicating acl

Question asked by roberto_stellone on Jul 30, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2007 by roberto_stellone
I have a problem in replicating acl through two instances of alfresco 2.0 on
a jboss cluster.
We have only an instance of mysql 5.0 shared between the two jboss.
We use shared content and two separated indexes.

If I create a content on a jboss node it's immediately available on the other.
On the other side when I create, modify or remove user in group or create, modify remove an acl I find the operation only on jboss node on which the operation is performed.

I use standard configuration for ehcache
and I add only


that are the version present on alfresco 2.0 war bundle

could you help me because this point is a milestone for my study project
I'm graduated and I'm working for a project in a small farm in Italy that want to begin use alfresco for its business.