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Fully dynamic 'web2.0' website with Alfresco

Question asked by macberger on Jul 30, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2007 by macberger
I'm evaluating Alfresco for some time, and I want to create fully dynamic 'web2.0' style (kind of a blog) site with Alfresco. As I can see - the WCM is for making content from ECM available as a website in a static way.

My questions are:
1. can I create a dynamic website - where users will create content in the repository through forms, modify it, even maybe delete - all through website with - of course some AJAX and stuff.
2. Is WCM the way to go? Maybe restricted access to Alfresco SCM with REST-generated forms and pages?
3. Can WCM render content from ECM through freemarker 'on the fly'?
4. How should I implement creating content through www page? REST? Foundation Services? JSR API?

Thank in advance for all the answers
Mac Berger