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How to add property to a workflow task?

Question asked by tsongwei3 on Jul 31, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2007 by tsongwei3
I am pretty new to Alfresco, please give me some advice.

I try to add a property of a aspect to my workflow.

The program can do the following:
After I submit the workflow, "my:Aspect" will be added to the selected content. And I am able to see the properties of "my:Aspect" on the document-detail page.

Now I try to add one property selection in the workflow page

I successfully make the selection of "my:myType" displayed on the task page, but the value is not saved to the content after I submit the workflow.
Am I doing something wrong?
   <config evaluator="node-type" condition="mywf:submitGroupReviewTask" replace="true">
         <separator name="sep1" display-label-id="general" component-generator="HeaderSeparatorGenerator" />
         <show-property name="bpm:workflowDescription" component-generator="TextAreaGenerator" />
         <show-property name="bpm:workflowPriority" />
         <show-property name="bpm:workflowDueDate"/>
         <show-property name="my:myType"/>
         <separator name="sep2" display-label-id="users_and_roles" component-generator="HeaderSeparatorGenerator" />
         <show-association name="bpm:groupAssignee"/>
      <aspect name="my:myAspect">
            <property name="my:myType">
               <default>Main Type</default>
                  <constraint ref="my:typeList" />
            <property name="my:publishDate">


Please give me some direction, thanks.