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Including full drives and even more Problems

Question asked by cougar2202 on Nov 5, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2008 by mikeh
After checking and searching this board for several times I didn't find any appropriate answer, so I'm starting a new topic. Hopefully someone can help.

I installed Alfresco on our Server (Trial Licence) and did set up the basic settings. Anyway, how to include the Users from Active Directory is still a mystery, but not a major problem here. The bigges problem I do have here is the adding of content to a space.
It is absolutely no problem to add Files to a space, but it becomes a Problem when I have to add several hundret files, echa and every one in a folder on the Server to a space. Is that the real sollution? Do I really have to pick every file? Or is there a smart way of entering that content in bulk? If I have to do this one by one I'll have to tell my boss that the next 6 Months there won't be anything else I can do that entering content.
Also selecting mapped networkdrives is a problem - it still won't as described in Help. ATM I've given up on that topic. Alfresco also adds an "_a" to my Servername, so it's not "\\name" it's "\\name_a", so there won't be any connection.
That I won't find any connection between MS-Office and Alfresco is nothing I worry at the moment, even if I must admit that we here absolutely WON'T use Open Office in our environment (Alfresco does install OO anyway, even if unchecked during installation, but it's OK, you can always uninstall afterwards.

After 2 days of work with Alfresco I found that it might be a good tool here, even if my users are all a bit older and are not eager to change longtime-known work habits (it's a real problem here), but when there's no way of adding whole drives in bulk - than it's of no use here.

Hope anyone can help.