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Firefox and document editing

Question asked by dgenard on Jul 31, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2007 by paulhh

some of our users are confused when editing documents through web UI in FireFox.
They can easily edit a document by clicking on the pencil (CIFS editing was activated). So far so good…

But they often want to edit a document by simply clicking on its name.
Firefox then download a copy of the document to a temporary location, and let the user edit it, and save it. Of course, the document is saved locally and not in Alfresco…
Common end users simply don't catch the difference between clicking the document, and clicking the pencil, and don't understand why their modifications are not saved in Alfresco. Very frustrating for them…

With IE, documents are set read-only when they are downloaded locally. So no possible confusion.

Any idea on how to avoid this confusion ?