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Check for specific permission given a group permission

Question asked by mruflin on Jul 31, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2007 by andy
I have a hard time understanding one specific part of the security APIs.

Situation: For some nodes we set specific users and groups to have specific roles, e.g. Consumer or Coordinator.

In different situations I need to be able to tell which users/groups have  a specific right on a given node, e.g "write" access.

I can get the permissions through PermissionsService.getAllSetPermissions, which will me return a list like

  User1: Consumer
  Group1: Consumer
  Group2: Coordinator


How can I now find out who of those authorities has a "write" permission? In this case it would be the Coordinator only.
Different example of the same problem: How can I find out whether or not the "Coordinator" contains the "Consumer" permission?

API version: E2.0.1
Our application is integrated in Alfresco using Spring, we can therefore access whatever object is available through that context.