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Manage Task Command using ticket param

Question asked by jzulu2000 on Nov 5, 2008

I'm using URL Addressability to modify an existent task from an external application. That application, first of all obtains a ticket from alfresco, and then makes the call to the managetast command url, sending the ticket.
The URL I'm using is

Alfresco shows correctly the page, but when I try to perform some actions in such page (adding resources, search for alfresco users, finish the task, etc), alfresco asks for authentication; I think this is because the ticket isn't sent to the following page when the faces action is executed.

Maybe the ticket param sent to the command servlet only makes sense when such servlet consist of only one page, but not when it is part of a multiple page process, for example wizards or dialogs.

I think this is a bug, what do you all think?