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Disable Link Validation

Question asked by edgar on Jul 31, 2007

It is possible to disable the link validation that is now part of Alfresco 2.1?

The Link Validation does not work on our Alfresco server. In the logs I see:

INFO | jvm 1 | 2007/07/30 12:46:09 | 12:46:09,742 ERROR [alfresco.linkvalidation.LinkValidationServiceImpl] Error validating internal link: No route to host

I assume this is because our server has no access to the internet. It seems it is trying to validate an external link; not an internal one?

The Alfresco server does have access to the virtualization server URLs (same machine).

Another thing: when I start up the Virtualization Server the Alfresco Tomcat (not the virt server) comes under an extreme high load (which never stops), both in CPU as well as in IO. Especially previewing content in the virtualization server becomes very slow (minutes) as a result.

What I see is that even when nobody is active in Alfresco pages in the Web Projects still get loaded. Could this be the link validation service that is somehow started automatically?

Running Alfresco 2.1 Community on Linux on MySQL.