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AMP with custom Bundle on Enterprise 2.1

Question asked by d.segato on Nov 6, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2009 by pmahoney

it say:
"When we refer to I18N strings in configuration files or programtically via the Application.getMessage() call the standard and your custom (if present) are loaded. "

after searching a lot i've found this:

and it's associated forum topic:

it say that to register a custom bundle I should put this in the module-context.xml

   <bean id="bootstrapExtraBundlesBean" class="">
     <property name="resourceBundles">

Probably it work on 2.2
but it doesn't on 2.1

I've found this class:
on Alfresco 2.1 Enterprise

it don't give error at bootstrap but it doesn't resolve my messages in the custom bundle

Since i got no reply here I give some more info I found out myself.
* There's NO way on Alfresco 2.1 to put custom inside the module directory or in some custom path.¹
* Since Alfresco 2.2 you CAN do it as described above

that's all..
I only confirmed what i said up there.

thanks for the support

[¹] Note: on 2.1 you CAN use custom bundles as long as you are using them in your java classes and jsp! But you CAN'T use them with alfresco configuration files, like for defining localized strings for wizards steps for example. Or in some action definition.