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executing simple-workflow with web services

Question asked by alexcocia on Aug 1, 2007
Latest reply on May 27, 2008 by mimi_mircea
I have a Folder with a simple-workflow rule on it so, for each document inside this folder, on execution of the workflow, it will be moved to another folder.
I'm trying to execute this with the web services, but it doesn't move the content of the file, (even if it changes its modification's date)
Have the following code, having the uuid of the file under the mentioned folder.

Reference reference = new Reference(STORE, uuid, null);
Rule[] rules = actionService.getRules(reference, null);
if (rules != null) {
  for (Rule rule : rules) {
    ActionExecutionResult[] resultado = actionService.executeActions( new Predicate(new Reference[]{reference}, STORE, null), rule.getAction().getActions());

Any idea? Help will be appreciated